Monday, May 3, 2010

2: Blast from the past

Last weekend me, my Mom, and Sisters visited our childhood home. No we do not know the new owners. Yes we knocked on a strangers door. You see when we moved out of that house we left in kind of a hurry so we don't have any pictures to remember the house.

The reason we wanted back in the house so bad was to see the wall in the yard. When my Mom was pregnant with each of us (or soon after) she painted whatever cartoon character was popular at that time. Sadly we never got any pictures of it.

But Luckily the paintings are still there! The new owner was super nice and let us in the yard to take pictures!

Isn't my Mom talented?!!

The paintings are still so bright for being 23-31 years old. Of course the wall had to be repaired over time but you can still see most of it. I am so happy that we have pictures so we can always remember it!

The new owner was excited to meet my Mom. We shared stories about the house and how its haunted and we were not surprised when he totally agreed.

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Beth said...

Crazy day! lol